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||"Yoga Nidra" | Benefits of Yoga Nidra | Pranayama and Meditation | *Yogasana" ||

||"Yoga Nidra" | Benefits of Yoga Nidra | Pranayama and Meditation | *Yogasana" ||

Simplicity of effort is essential only after yoga sequence. Yogasan gives warmth to the body and relaxes the body.

Yoga practice enhances energy levels in the body. **Yoga Nidra** preserves and consolidates this energy, which gives relaxation to the body and mind.Yoga Nidra makes you ready for "pranayama and meditation". Therefore, it is necessary that after proper yoga, you keep the proper time for sleep.

||"Benefits of Yoga Nidra"||

- After Yoga Nidra, the body relaxes.

Yoga Nidra Helps to make normal body temperature. By absorbing the effect of yoga, the nervous system becomes active

||**Ready to do Yoga Nidra**||

- Keep the belly light before exercising. Do not eat much during and after the Yoga Nidra.

- The place Must be comfortable and peaceful for Yoga Nidra. The home of a yogi is quiet and comfortable.

- Some people feel light coolness after Yoga Nidra. So there should be a blanket with you.

||**Method of Yoga Nidra**||

- Lie back in the shadow of the back. Close your eyes and come back to rest. Take some deep breaths and leave it. Keep in mind, to take simple breath, not brightness.

- Take your attention to your right paw. Keep your focus here for a few seconds. Bring the claws into rest. After this, take your focus on the right knit, right thigh and right hip respectively. After that, be conscious of your entire right foot.

- This process repeats in the left foot.

- Take your attention to all parts of the body thigh, stomach, navel and thorax.

- Take your attention in the right shoulders, arms, palm, fingers. Take this procedure from left shoulder, side, palm, neck and face and head to head.

- Take a deep breath. Experience the wave in your body. Relax in this situation for a few minutes.

- Be conscious of your body and the surrounding environment. Keep lying on the right side for some time. By leaving the breathing out of the left nostril, the feeling of coldness in the body will be felt.

- Take your time slowly and sit up. When you feel comfortable then open the eye gradually.

Special: Keep in mind that Yoga Nidra is not 'conscious effort', it is 'conscious' relaxation.

||"Yoga Nidra" | Benefits of Yoga Nidra | Pranayama and Meditation | *Yogasana" ||

Just like a moment you hear a word 'apple', immediately its image comes into your mind. You do not have to try that they are small or big or red or green. Yoga Nidra is the same condition.

You do not have to concentrate or focus on what the feet are or do not touch the nose. Neither do you have to move these parts of the body. Only you take your consciousness to those places and breathe deeply. **Yoga Nidra** gives a deep rest in complete restlessness. This effortless conscious body and bead are relaxing.

It is natural that some ideas come during Yoga Nidra in your mind, do not try to control it. If you fall asleep naturally, then do not suffer from guilt.. In this way "Yoga Nidra" is joyful, effortless methods which should be done after Yogasana. Let's experience the comfort and the pleasure of doing this.

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